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The San Juan de Gaztelugaxte hermitage in Vizcaya country, Spain.

Sometimes during a trip it can happen you discover a little unknown gem.

No tourist guides will take you there, you just discover it by chance, and you remain speechless, breathless … literally!

This is what happened us as we discovered the San Juan de Gaxtelugazte hermitage in Spain. It was spring 2011, and I can really say, this is one of the most spectacular places I have ever seen!

climbing to the hermitage
climbing to the hermitage

More than 200 steps to reach the top, breathtaking ocean waves view, crashing down on the cliffs …

This is the San Juan de Gaztelugaxte hermitage, perched on a rock off the Basque coast, in the Vizcaya country, province of Bilbao, Spain.

Enjoy this exciting video of San Juan de Gaztelugaxte hermitage, made by Lau Euskal Herria Haizeetara.

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